If you inherited an antique bedside table from your grandmother, use it in your interior. Small items
with a history can transform your home and add coziness to any room.


This particular type of furniture is a descendant of the console, an elegant narrow table from the
Renaissance. At that time such items had a luxurious appearance, decorated with gilding, carved
patterns, shaped stands. They were used to set candlesticks, expensive clocks and vases.
For several centuries, the console has decorated rooms without losing its popularity. Today, its
variants are used as stands for photo frames, souvenirs, flowers, and as a dressing table they are
complete with a hinged mirror.
However, the console was a non-movable piece of furniture and was fixed close to the wall. Modern
side tables are an improved version, mobile and versatile in application.


The interior of a modern apartment consists of functional accessories. If the house has little
furniture or the room itself is very compact, often use a side table.
Side tables are used to arrange antiques and jewelry, pots with plants and your favorite book, a
laptop or a cup of coffee. They are placed against the wall (console) or the place of residence -
near the chair, sofa, desk, kitchen area, bed, on the balcony, balcony, loggia and in the hallway.
Minimalistic models of concrete will be an excellent accent for rooms where white and its shades


Correctly choose a side table will help indicators of its technical characteristics, the definition of the
concept of convenience, aesthetic perception. This side table design should fit harmoniously into the environment of the room in terms of style and color. First, determine for what purposes you
acquire such a table.
As a tray for food and drinks, it should be conveniently attached to upholstered furniture. The table
top will be flush with the armrests.
One of the non-trivial options for those who like to spend the evening with a book, in a cozy chair is
a floor lamp, combined with a side table


The main thing is to determine in advance the function of the table. For the ritual of tea drinking on
the couch by the TV, a cup and a plate with sandwiches should be placed on the table top. And if
two or three people are going to drink tea at such a table, its dimensions will be a little larger.
The model for a laptop should not be too narrow or small. A laptop on such a tabletop will fit, but a
mouse or a keyboard attachment will not.
If the table rolls out (is an addition to the sofa, comes with it), the mechanism of its attachment will
be especially reliable, durable. And the most practical option is the one in which the table top lies
on the armrest. It is stable, takes up little space, looks organically together with the sofa. And think
about whether the table without any fixation will suit you.
Decorators advise to choose contrasting tables, to give the interior volume and depth.
You can use it instead of a cabinet with a variety of interior decorations. It can also play the
function of a console, if you place it by the wall under the mirror. Or it can be a visual divider of a
large space into small zones.

The main advantages of the products are their durability, strength,
scratch, splash and stain resistance. The surfaces of the material are
also highly heat-resistant, which allows them to be used not only in
residential interiors, but also outdoors, in cafes and restaurants.