Do You Have a Sofa at Home? How to Choose the Right One
Do you have a sofa at home? How did you choose it? When it comes to sofas, it's important to pay
attention to what's inside. The suitability of a sofa for frequent folding and unfolding is determined
to a large extent by the mechanism used for transformation. Today, we will explore the different
types of transformation mechanisms, how they work, and how each sofa unfolds.
Why is it so important to choose a good sofa? The type of sofa transformation mechanism
directly affects:

  • How comfortable it will be for sleeping
  • How easy it will be to transform into a bed
  • How long the sofa will last

That's why it's important to consider more than just the appearance and personal
preferences when choosing furniture.


In a one-room apartment or a compact bedroom, a sofa serves as a bed, so the reliability of the
transformation mechanism is particularly important in such cases. Roll-out and pull-out mechanisms
are considered the most robust and durable against wear and tear. They are designed to handle
high loads, intensive use, and are often equipped with orthopedic bases for comfortable sleep.
  • The Dolphin mechanism is one of the most convenient options. The way the Dolphin sofa unfolds results in a perfectly flat surface without noticeable seams between the sections. To unfold the Dolphin mechanism, you need to find a hidden strap, pull it, and the lower section will emerge from under the seat and align with it. There are no rollers, so Dolphins do not leave marks on the floor. The only drawback is that straight models do not have storage drawers because the additional section occupies all the available space under the seat. However, there is a storage niche in the corners, so Dolphins are mainly designed for corner placement.
  • The Accordion mechanism forms a sleeping area from three parts. The main advantage of the Accordion mechanism is the ample sleeping space. The entire area, when unfolded, can be used for sleeping. However, Accordions usually lack an additional backrest, so specialists do not recommend placing them against cold walls.
  • The Harmonica mechanism unfolds in a similar way to a book, hence the "musical" name. Just like turning the pages of a book, you need to lift the seat until it clicks. After that, it easily slides forward. Even children can easily handle this task.
  • The Eurobook mechanism is one of the most popular variations. To create a sleeping area, the seat slides forward, and the backrest lowers onto the freed-up space. To access the storage drawer, you also need to slide the seat forward.
  • The Pantograph mechanism confidently competes with the Scissors and Dolphin sofas for the top spot in the ranking of the best sleep sofas. The Pantograph is equipped with a walking mechanism, making it much easier to unfold compared to the Eurobook, and it doesn't pose a risk of damaging the flooring.
  • With the walking mechanism, all you need to do to unfold the sofa is lift the seat to a 45-degree angle, gently pull it forward, and then lower the backrest.
  • The Scissors or Rotating mechanism is a transformation method that is gaining popularity. The rotating part is equipped with wheels and can rotate 90 degrees. When you need to unfold the sleeping area, the rotating part is brought closer to the static part and secured with a latch. If you have come across the term "sofa bed," it refers to the Scissors system. The sleeping area is as comfortable as a regular double bed. However, the sofa will require a significant amount of space for transformation into a bed. If the room is limited in size, it won't work.

When choosing a sofa, consider the mechanism of transformation, taking into account your specific
needs and the available space in your room. If you need a sofa for everyday sleeping, prioritize
mechanisms like the Dolphin, Accordion, Harmonica, Eurobook, or Pantograph, as they are designed
to provide comfort and durability. These mechanisms ensure easy transformation and offer
additional features like orthopedic bases and storage compartments.
For smaller spaces, consider compact options like the Dolphin, which is designed for corner
placement and utilizes space efficiently. The Accordion mechanism provides ample sleeping space
while occupying minimal space when folded. The Harmonica mechanism is user-friendly and
suitable for all ages, including children. The Eurobook mechanism offers popular and versatile
functionality with a sliding seat and lowering backrest. The Pantograph mechanism stands out for its
ease of use and walking mechanism, making it convenient for both transformation and floor
If you have more space available and prioritize comfort over space-saving, the Scissors or
Rotating mechanism can provide a comfortable sleeping area similar to a regular double
bed. However, keep in mind that it requires sufficient space for transformation.
When selecting a sofa, it's essential to consider your specific needs, the available space, and the
desired features for comfort and durability. Don't solely rely on appearance and personal
preferences; take into account the mechanism of transformation to ensure a suitable and functional
sofa for your everyday use.

Remember, investing in a good-quality sofa with a reliable
transformation mechanism will provide you with comfortable sleep,
easy transformation, and a long-lasting piece of furniture.